Saturday, December 1, 2007

Worship vs. Performance

Charlie Hall

Worship is the exalting of God and the humbling or decreasing of myself. To lead others in a corporate song means that I lead them to exalt God and lay themselves aside. I help them rise past me, the worship team and even the song and meet with God himself. My problem is this: the world has taught me to strive to be loved by doing things or performing so people like me. This doesn't fit the true meaning of leading worship. If I were leading worship from a desire of people liking me, I am not decreasing, I am increasing and even more I am not exalting God, I am performing.

Performance draws attention to yourself. Worship draws attention to God. A performer shines a spotlight on their own skills and capabilities. A worshipper draws attention to God's beautiful attributes. I am not saying performers and performances are wrong. I am saying that you cannot perform a worship song.

I have learned to battle this some in my heart and mind by realizing I am accepted, I am the beloved of God, and He is in love with me. He is the one I want people to worship, the one who has set me free and is in love with me. As you lead worship, lead from the truth that you are the beloved, and then lead people to decrease, and exalt God.

Lord, help us desire you getting your glory as much as you desire to get your glory.


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broadhandler said...

This is a preposterous statement, that you cannot perform a worship song. Worshiping God is a task... one that we are instructed to do by the word of God. tasks are to be performed. By technical definitions, even a sermon is a performance. Performing with the proper intentions and motifs is the real issue.
I dont think that it's fair to say that as a musician or vocalist that you are incapable of drawing people nearer to God through your interpretation and execution (in other words... performance) of a song.

Just one worship leader's opinion